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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 1
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Client & Account Details, Contacts, Special Diets
Part 2 - Meal Preferences, Diary, Delivery Profiles
Part 3 - Service Absenses, Bank Holidays, Equipment Loans
Part 4 - Kitchen Orders, Route Sheets, Delivery Confirmation
Part 5 - Ledger Enquiries, Ledger Postings & Invoicing
Part 6 - Standard Documents & Reports
Client & Account Details
Record standard details about each client such as Name, Address, Telephone, Date of Birth etc as well as Category, Social Services Reference, Service Referral Source and Special Instructions.

Our system has five user-definable fields for you to use if required and a unlimited notes page.

A client’s account can belong to someone other than the client (e.g. a son\daughter etc). An account category can be defined as well as Method of Payment (e.g. Cash, Credit Account) and Pay Day\Invoicing Frequency. Price Bands for Hot\Frozen Dinners\Puddings can also be set.
Client Contacts
Multiple contacts can be defined against each client with standard details such as Name and Address.

A variety of fields are present to record multiple methods of contact such as Work Telephone, Home Telephone, Mobile Telephone, Work Email etc.

Define the relationship of the Contact to the Client, and when setting up the client accounts – if one of the contacts is to be the account holder - you quickly select them saving you having to re-enter details.
Special Dietary Requirements
Define an unlimited number of special dietary requirements against a client, selectable from a pre-defined master list (that you customise etc).

Special Dietary requirements are printed on both Kitchen Order and Route Sheet paperwork to avoid being missed by any of the kitchen\delivery staff.

Dietary Requirements can also be marked as applicable only on certain days (e.g. No Fish on Fridays etc).
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