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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 3
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Client & Account Details, Contacts, Special Diets
Part 2 - Meal Preferences, Diary, Delivery Profiles
Part 3 - Service Absenses, Bank Holidays, Equipment Loans
Part 4 - Kitchen Orders, Route Sheets, Delivery Confirmation
Part 5 - Ledger Enquiries, Ledger Postings & Invoicing
Part 6 - Standard Documents & Reports
Service Absences
Our software features a service absence facility that allows you to schedule when a client is not going to be receiving a meal as usual.

When entering an absence, you simply select the new status applicable to the client (e.g. “Short Term Absence”) and the From and To dates of absence. Optional fields to also record reason for the absence and the source. A tickbox allows you to quickly indicate if the absence ‘Never Expires’ (i.e. the client is absent until you are told otherwise).

When you have defined a service absence, our system will automatically adjust any scheduled deliveries effected for you – it will present it’s suggested changes for you to confirm or change as you wish.
Bank Holidays
Our system allows you to handle Bank Holidays in one of three different ways.

Bank holidays can be treated as a repeat of your weekend service (i.e. clients who receive a meal at the weekend, would also receive one on the bank holiday). Generation of bank holiday route sheets is easy as you simply re-run your weekend routes but dated on the bank holiday.

Alternatively, Bank Holidays can be treated either as a special one-off delivery, or are treated as any other standard day would be.
Equipment Register
Our system features an equipment register allowing you to track equipment you loan out to customers.

The individual serial number of each freezer or food warmer would be recorded together with the location. A history of equipment movements would be recorded.

We envisage that you would have a register of all items owned together with details of who had each item at any given point in time.
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