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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 5
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Client & Account Details, Contacts, Special Diets
Part 2 - Meal Preferences, Diary, Delivery Profiles
Part 3 - Service Absenses, Bank Holidays, Equipment Loans
Part 4 - Kitchen Orders, Route Sheets, Delivery Confirmation
Part 5 - Ledger Enquiries, Ledger Postings & Invoicing
Part 6 - Standard Documents & Reports
Ledger Postings & Allocations
Meal charges and cash collected during delivery is automatically posted to the client ledger during Delivery Confirmation. In addition our software has a Ledger Posting facility allowing you to post positive and negative adjustments and receipts to each clients ledger.

Our system has a flexible ledger system that allows you to have either a single ledger for a client, or separate ledgers for each ‘Meal Source’ for a client if desired.

An allocations facility allows you to manually allocate transactions if you desire, alternatively the system can automatically allocate against the oldest balance.
Ledger Enquiries
You can access a client’s ledger(s) easily from against their account.

Deliveries are automatically grouped into Weekly entries, and individual daily deliveries can be seen at the click of a button. Allocations can also be viewed in a similar way.

Ledger totals are shown for the Brought Forward Balance (i.e. transactions that are fully posted), Non-Posted Deliveries and Receipts (held against unconfirmed route sheets) and finally the Carried Forward Balance.
Client Invoicing & Statements
Your credit account clients can be invoiced either on a weekly or monthly frequency. The invoicing frequency is defined against the clients account(s).

Invoices are generated in a batch, or can be generated individually per client. Invoices are allocated a unique invoice number, and a re-printing facility is available.

Statements can also be generated in a batch or individually. You can select a transaction date range and also show an advanced meal cost if desired.

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