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A successor product built to replace the successful All Systems Go Meals on Wheels system first developed in 1993.
Our Community Meals software package was developed to replace and enhance the successful ‘All Systems Go’ Meals on Wheels system first developed in 1993. Using the knowledge and experience gained by working with more than 17 local authorities, community meals agencies (such as WRVS) and commercial suppliers of frozen meals,
we have developed a comprehensive product.
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Community Meals - Product Overview
From our past experience, we identified that different meal providers have special requirements. Our software has been designed to be highly flexible to accommodate a wide variety of these requirements without the need for programming.

Our software comprehensively allows you to control all aspects of managing your client database with facilities for recording standard client details, contacts, special dietary requirements and meal preferences. A diary facility allows you to record notes about the client including any feedback given by them.

A delivery profile facility allows you to define for each client the frequency, quantity, route and day for a delivery to occur. Multiple entries can easily be setup for each day of the week a delivery is to occur on. Entries in the delivery profile are automatically recurring so upon completion of a delivery, the date for that day’s delivery is renewed to the following week without the users needing to make the change themselves.

A facility to define client service absences allows you to quickly adjust a client’s delivery profile for any suspensions required (e.g. for Hospital Visits, Day Club Visits etc). A facility for handling Bank Holidays means they can be treated either as any normal day or as a repeat of a weekend service.

A variety of features are present for financial management – Clients ledgers are automatically updated with charges for any meals delivered during delivery confirmation – any cash collected during the delivery can also be record prior to confirmation and will be updated to the client’s ledger. A ledger posting facility allows you to post non-cash payments and adjustments. Charges and Payments can either be allocated automatically or using a manual allocation screen. Credit account clients can be sent invoices on a weekly or monthly basis, and account statement printing is also available.

With many other features, this software is a must for any community meals administrator.
Further Information
If you would like further information on our Community Meals software product, please visit the In-Depth Product Guide by clicking the link below:
View In-Depth Product Guide
View Details on Available Product Add-Ons
Alternativley you can download a product brochure by using the link below:
GSD Community Meals Product Brochure (.pdf)
If you would like to evaluate our software in more detail, please contact us to arrange a no obligation free demonstration of the product with one of our salesmen who will be able to discuss your requirements in more detail.
Key Features
Special dietary requirements and meal preferences can be recorded per client.
Diary facility to log notes about the client's service.
Setup multiple delivery profiles per client for each day of the week which automatically renew to the following week when complete.
Client service abenses can easily be defined without needing to manually change delivery schedule.
Special Bank Holiday feature allows you to re-run a repeat of your weekend deliveries on a Bank Holiday.
Generation of Route Sheets and Kitchen Orders is quick and simple using a batch printing facility.
Generated route sheets are confirmed using a simple 'posting' facility that automatically updates Client Ledgers with charges for delivered meals and any cash collected during delivery.
Ledger facilities for other payment receipts, adjustments and allocations.
Items loaned to clients such as fridges or heaters can be recorded and tracked.
Credit account client invoices can be raised every week or month and client statement printing also available.
Multiple Schemes can be setup if your meals service consists of different divisions.
Menu Cycles and Meal Sources can also be utilised.
Comprehensive set of reports available showing Meals Delivered and Wasted. Money owing and collected. Audit Trail etc
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