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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 1
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Stock Traceability, Dual Stocking Units & Ordering Units
Part 2 - Cast Analysis, Chemical\Mechanical Tolerances, Costing Methods
Part 3 - Sales Orders, Cutting Jobs, Processing Jobs
Part 4 - Component Parts, Goods Despatch\Invoicing, Purchase Orders
Part 5 - On-Screen Enquiries, Accounts Integration, Printing
Part 6 - Standard Document Designs & Reports
With a high level of traceability, the GSD Metal Stockholder system allows you to track goods from when they are first booked into Stock, through to when they are despatched out to the customer - and everything else that occurs in-between.

Our software utilises the concept of 'stock locations' which represent individual batches of Stock that are created when you book goods in. From that point onwards, you can trace any other actions that have affected that stock location such as reservations made by Sales Orders, Issues and Reciepts from Cutting\Processing Jobs, Manual Adjustments In or Out that have been posted and finally despatches of the goods to a customer.
Dual Stocking Units
For each stock item in the system, you define a Primary stocking unit which is the unit that all stock figures are stored in.

In addition, you can also define a Secondary Stocking Unit - which allows you to view figures from a Stock Enquiry in either the Primary or Secondary Stocking Units at the click of a button.

A simple conversion factor from the secondary unit to the primary is used to switch the figures.
Multiple Ordering Units Per Product
For each stock item in the system, you can define any number of ordering units.

You can then use these order units when entering Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Stock Reciepts, Stock Adjustments, Delivery Notes, Invoicing and Crediting.

The system also allows you to have a different quantity and price units for sales\purchases, so for example you could buy goods in TONNES but priced in KGS, and sell goods in LENGTHS\BARS that are priced in METRES.
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