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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 4
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Stock Traceability, Dual Stocking Units & Ordering Units
Part 2 - Cast Analysis, Chemical\Mechanical Tolerances, Costing Methods
Part 3 - Sales Orders, Cutting Jobs, Processing Jobs
Part 4 - Component Parts, Goods Despatch\Invoicing, Purchase Orders
Part 5 - On-Screen Enquiries, Accounts Integration, Printing
Part 6 - Standard Document Designs & Reports
Component Parts
Our system has a facility to allow for products that are assembled from component parts.

At the time of Sale Order Entry, you can generate Component Picking Lists and Component Packing\Assembly Lists for the warehouse.

When delivering an assembled item, our system will post all the necessary issues out of stock for the items component parts.
Goods Despatch, Invoicing and Crediting
Delivery confirmation facility allowing you to generate Delivery Notes and Back-Orders easily. Stock Reservations made at the time of order are automatically remembered - but can easily be overridden.

Invoicing is simple with our system giving you the ability to batch invoice any prior deliveries awaiting invoicing.

Credit Notes can be raised catering for either Stock Return Credits, Non-Return to Stock Credits or Value Only Credits. A credit can be raised quickly for any item previously invoiced saving you having to re-enter all the details about the items.
Purchase Orders
The GSD Stockholder system allows you to raise Purchase Orders, with an optional facility to link a purchase order item to a sales order item. Standard reports include Outstanding Purchase Orders and Stock Reciepts by GRN.

Stock Receipts can be posted in two ways, by Stock Code or by Purchase Order, with a facility to record the relevent GRN\Supplier Delivery Note reference.

An optional cost approval facility can be used to post 'confirmed' costs from Supplier Invoices (if different to the costs entered at the time of Stock Receipt) which will revalue any stock currently held and also adjust the costs for any sales of that stock made previously to give you the correct profitability.
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