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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 5
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Stock Traceability, Dual Stocking Units & Ordering Units
Part 2 - Cast Analysis, Chemical\Mechanical Tolerances, Costing Methods
Part 3 - Sales Orders, Cutting Jobs, Processing Jobs
Part 4 - Component Parts, Goods Despatch\Invoicing, Purchase Orders
Part 5 - On-Screen Enquiries, Accounts Integration, Printing
Part 6 - Standard Document Designs & Reports
On-Screen Enquires
Our ‘Drill-Down’ enquiry facilities allows you to examine related information without having to open other screens or windows, and because of the high-level of traceability built into the system, you can ‘drill-down’ from a customer sale all the way through to which exact batch of stock was despatched or vice-versa and see all the despatches to customers from a particular batch of stock.

In our experience sales people heavily use the enquiry facility when identifying what stock can be used to satisfy a particular job.
Accounts System Integration
The GSD Metal Stockholder software product integrates with popular standard accounts software such as Sage 50 Accounts and Pegasus Opera II.

Customers, Suppliers, Nominal Codes and other accounts related information such as VAT Codes and Currencies are read from your accounts system, and Sales Invoices and Credits are posted from our system through to your accounts sales ledger.

If you wish to link to other accounts software, we may be able to help - so please don't hestate to contact us and enquire.
Printing, Faxing & Emailing
Our product comes with a variety of standard document designs and reports (please see next section for a list of documents & reports).

Our software will print to any printer available under Windows (some customisation of document designs may be required to suit paticular printing requirements).

Our software will integrate with Microsoft Outlook email software, attaching any document or report as a PDF attachment - so documents such as Sales Orders\Purchase Orders can be emailed direct to the customer\supplier.

In a similar way, our software is designed to integrate with 'off the shelf' electronic faxing software to allow for easy faxing from our product.

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