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A product built from over a decade of writing systems for crane servicing and supply companies.
In 1991 we wrote our first bespoke system for a crane service company. Over the following seven years, we supplied variations on the original bespoke system to several crane servicing companies who heard about us from talking to our existing customers. Using this knowledge of the requirements of many different companies, we have designed Momentum Service a flexible product specifically to meet the needs of companies who service lifting equipment.

As our experience of supplying Lifting Equipment companies grew we recognised that different companies within the industry have varying requirements.

Supply of loose lifting equipment closely linked to stock control is important to some companies but not to others. We therefore extended the Momentum product Range with Momentum Supply that can either be purchased individually or linked with Momentum Service to operate as your business system.

If you have special requirements we can often help by tailoring our Add-on software to enhance the main Momentum products.

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Momentum Service
Software designed to handle the servicing activities of your business, featuring a Customer Equipment Register, Service Jobs, Time Sheets, Purchase Ordering combined with facilities to generate Reports of Thorough Examination and Declarations of Conformity.
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Momentum Supply
Integrated Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Stock Control that can either operate separately or can link with Momentum Service. Items sold from stock can update the equipment register ready for routine examination and documents such as Initial Reports of Thorough Examination and Declarations of Conformity can be printed together with delivery notes.
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Momentum Mobile
Send electronic Job Sheets to an engineer working remotely with a handheld device. Collect signed job sheets and other forms from the handheld device and automatically update the Momentum Service program with time worked. Forms generated on the Handheld can be automatically downloaded and attached to the job.
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Bespoke Add-On Software
We can enhance the main Momentum products by supplying Add-on software that can either be supplied as they are or tailored to your needs more cost effectively than if we had written the add-on software ‘from scratch’.
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