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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 1
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Equipment Register, Service Jobs, Drill-Down Enquiries
Part 2 - Attaching Files, Examination Reports, Conformity Declarations
Part 3 - Time Sheets, Accounts Integration, Printing\Faxing\Emailing
Part 4 - Standard Documents & Reports
Equipment Register & Recall
Our system has an equipment register in which you can store the details of your customers equipment including frequency of examination\service. Up to 22 fields of information can be recorded per item of equipment, and the names of the fields customised to suit your requirements.

Items of equipment stored in the register can be tied to service jobs and examinations\tests allowing you to build up a history of work carried out on a piece of equipment.

Equipment can be recalled for service\examination based on a next examination date.
Service Jobs
Our system is designed to make raising a service job as quick and simple as possible. Once a job is raised, you can then print a job sheet for the engineer to use as their work sheet.

Other documents also available to print include Order Acknowledgement, Job Equipment Book and Equipment Examination Forms.

Against a job you can enter all the details of work carried out. Materials purchased, time spent and mileage incurred are built up against the job to provide both a history and accurate job costing information for invoicing.
Drill Down Enquries
Our software makes heavy use of the 'Drill-Down' Enquiry feature which allows you to quickly access all related information at the click of a button.

You can drill down from a service job and see Order & Work Descriptions, Equipment Attached to the Job, Examination Reports and Conformity Delarations raised on that job, Attached Documents & Files, Purchases, Time and Invoices.

Similarly you can use the Drill-Down enquiry feature against an item of equipment to access all the service jobs, examination reports and conformity declarations which that equipment item is tied to.
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