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We have carried out a multitude of bespoke software development projects since we started in business back in 1990, ranging from one week to three years in duration.

We have experience in developing all levels of software, from standalone single-user applications to multi-tier enterprise class systems. Our technical director and head software developer, Stuart Barrett, has over 25 years experience in software design and development.

We are therefore very familiar with the process and recognise that projects of different sizes and complexity need a different approach.

Some things, however, are important regardless of the size of the project:

We need to be able to work closely together to discuss every aspect of the proposed system in detail. Satisfying your needs is our primary aim and we can only do this if we properly understand your requirements.
We both need to have a clear understanding of the requirements specification before we start programming. It may be that having carried out this exercise it becomes clear that a standard product could do the job.
If the people involved in preparing the specification are experienced then the specification is more likely to be accurate and detailed enough.
Similarly if the software developer is experienced many pitfalls can be avoided since the developer will recognise issues from other projects they have successfully completed.
Our experience shows that we achieve the best results when we work with our clients in a flexible manner to accommodate the inevitable minor variations to specification that arise out of the detail of the development process.
Building confidence in a new system and meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations is essential to establishing a successful development and installation.
If you believe that you may need a bespoke system, please talk to us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.
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