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Most companies need a range of support services to help them to implement a new software system.

The services that may be required include training, advice on the best procedures to follow, bespoke document designs and general technical assistance.

Once the new system is in place ongoing support ensures smooth operation of the system into the future.

We provide full training and support services for our products. We would recommend that this includes:

Pre-installation meetings to plan implementation. For example, standard document designs exist in all our products, if changes to the standard designs are needed we will agree the format, including details such as whether you want your logo to be incorporated or if you are planning to use pre-printed stationery etc.
We usually agree a training program tailored to your specific needs. Typically this will be divided into half day sessions to address each aspect of software setup separately. We try to carry out short sessions whose duration and content are tailored to your requirements and easily absorbed.
We would recommend that a 12 month support agreement is also in place to reinforce training and resolve any teething problems experienced. Since each customer’s requirements for support can vary we offer a range of options to suit the service level that you require, from telephone only to full on site contracts.
We are also happy to offer general advice for any I.T or business related issues you may have.


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