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A collection of add-on software and reports written to address speciffic requirements our customers have requested assistance with.
Following from successful implementations of our Momentum software, many of our customers have come back to us to request our assistance in extending the system to address new requirements and challenges their business's face. Below is a selection of some of the add-on solutions we have developed for our existing customers:
An add-on program to allow the exchange of job data between our Momentum Service software and a engineer working remotley with a handheld device. Job Sheets can be issued to remote engineers from the office and time sheets can be sent back and automatically updated to Momentum Service. Additional Documents generated on the Handheld Device can also be automatically downloaded and attached to the Job Record.
Examination Report Quotations
An add-on program to allow the details contained in an Examination Report to be pulled into a quote. This allows for the speedy generation of quotes for any repair work required following on from the examination of customer equipment.
Service Contracts
An add-on program to manage customer service contracts. Against each contract you can define what equipment from the Momentum Service equipment register is to be covered and you can define a service frequency to easily re-call the equipment when it is due for service.
Dynamic On-Screen Reporting
An add-on program to display a series of on-screen reports in a recurring cycle. This allows key reports to be displayed on large monitors in the office to assist users in tracking and managing job delivery.
Bespoke Reports
We have designed a variety of bespoke reports for our customers to perform such functions as Sales Analysis, Job Tracking, Examination Forms.
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