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In-Depth Product Guide - Part 4
In-Depth Guide Contents
Part 1 - Client & Account Details, Contacts, Special Diets
Part 2 - Meal Preferences, Diary, Delivery Profiles
Part 3 - Service Absenses, Bank Holidays, Equipment Loans
Part 4 - Kitchen Orders, Route Sheets, Delivery Confirmation
Part 5 - Ledger Enquiries, Ledger Postings & Invoicing
Part 6 - Standard Documents & Reports
Kitchen Orders
Daily or Weekly Kitchen Orders can be generated for all deliveries required.

Kitchen Orders can be simple quantities ordered, or can include details of specific meal choices ordered if your organisation caters offers a menu choice service.

The Kitchen Order will include any client special dietary requirements as a separate menu item from the standard meals.
Route Sheets
Daily or Weekly Route Sheets can be generated for each route using a Batch Printing facility allowing you to easily and quickly generate your paperwork.

Choose the delivery day and date (menu cycle if used) enter any overall notes to the driver and then print. Route Sheets include client details including special instructions and dietary requirements, meals to deliver and money to collect (if the client is a cash customer).

Delivery Sequences can be setup for each route for either All Days or individual days quickly using a ‘Drag & Drop’ style list.
Delivery Confirmation
A delivery confirmation facility allows you to confirm for each route the deliveries that were made by the drivers. Also record any meals wasted and the wastage reason (e.g. No Answer, Client Refused Meal etc).

Any cash collected by the driver can also be recorded for automatic update to the clients ledger when the route sheet is posted (confirmed).

Upon confirmation, the system will automatically post the relevant charges for any deliveries to the client’s account and move forward that days next delivery to the following week (or next suitable date depending on delivery frequency \ service absences etc).
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